First week:

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First week done! 93 days left to my goal! :) Excited!

Hit a few bumps during my first week: Had my birthday which ment: cake – and had a class-party which ment: alcohol. But I still managed to loose 1 kg this week. Had my first PT-session which went good (though I felt like the most mis-fitted person in the entire world..), basketball practise, basketballgame, a powerwalk yesterday and some exercises at home!

To be honest: I wanted to workout harder during this week but since it was so many distracting things i’m pretty satisfies. And the mainpoint: I’ve lost weight!

Today I have a basketballgame again, pretty excited, a bit unfocused. But I have a few hours to get my mood in shape!

Next week a new PT session is up, also he’ll give me my own workout-schedule! Basketballpractise and… maybe some spinning? Want to go spinning! :) But we’ll see!

Until next time <3

285306_10152630626985495_327349578_nA little pic from our class-party.


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96 days to my goal! :)

And I’ve been working on reaching it! Had a though workout today in the shape of a basketball practise. It felt goooood! Ran a bit extra in the end as well (clap on my shoulder) ;)

Now i’m off to take a shower and than sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day – it’s the nr 5 AND it’s my birthday! Wooop!

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Had my first workout with my PT Tobias today. It was the first time so we only made a couple of tests.

For you who find your way here from instagram (esssinprogress) know by now how I felt after my session. I felt pretty sad. I had this impression that I were pretty fit. Not the definition of fit but still … kinda fit. But i’m not. Not at all. The tests we did together today was pure evidence.

And at the moment it felt really bad. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. And I knooow: it’s wrong. Why should I? But I still did.

Then I logged on to my instagram account and saw all the inspirational-photos in my feed and I realized that all of the pictures I’ve hearted on instagram and all of the quotes I’ve read – NOW’S THE TIME TO REMEMBER THEM.

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Challenge day 2

Day 2!

The game yesterday went good. We lost but I still feel that I did a good game, scored some and pushed myself. I got tired but I kept going. And it actually made myself proud.

Today I haven’t been working out yet – I want to take a powerwalk later and some exercises at home. Tomorrow it’s my first meeting with my PT, kinda nervous! :) But it will be great, i’m sure of it!

And yeah – my weight yesterday was 85 kg/187 ibs. It’s a good starting weight. My intention is to drop 1 kg each week so that I will be 14 kg/30.8 ibs lighter at the end of my challenge. Think I will reach it? Well, I sure as hell will try my best! :)


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Challenge day 1

Day one begins today! Only 99 days left ;)

My first workout for this challenge will be a basketball game. Excited since it’s my first game in a long while, but also nervous as hell! Whatever the score will be – I still got my workout. My intention is to get my workout and simply have fun. I can’t pressure myself to much – it will only backfire.

Day one began with a sandwich – not to healthy but … i enjoyed it. Ate lunch just recently – spaghetti bolognese. Delicious! Thought pasta would be a good choice before the game :)

Need to get going! Day 1 – let’s go!


And yeah – if you don’t know what this is about – read about the challenge here.

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heart it!

Hi guys!

Did you know that you can “heart”/”like” my posts simply by clicking on the small heart in the end of every post?

Easy as a pancake! :)


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Teach me how to detox:

I discovered the greatness with detox in september last year. Before I didn’t really know what a detox diet was, how I did it and what I got out of it.

What is detox?

A detox is when you clean out your body from toxins. Toxins are thing that basically harm our body – it can be from food that’s not completely natural (with added ingredients – think about all those E-numbers on a product), it can be from toxins in the water or air etc. And it can also be from bacterias grown in our guts.

Sounds pretty nasty but don’t you worry – detox is the way to get all clean on your inside :)

How to detox:

It’s really not as difficult as it may sound. There are various pills or drinks at your health store or at your pharmacy to help your cleanse. But I personally don’t think it’s enough. If I do something – I give 100 %. That’s why I during my detox-period (usually for two weeks or more) I also adjust my eating habits.

What to avoid when detoxing: Alcohol, sugar, red meat, coffee, black tea, processed food, dairy food

What to eat when detoxing: Fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, quinoa, beans, lenses, tofu, algs, ginger, water (!!).

What to eat when detoxing (optional – I usually try to avoid it): Fish, seafood, chicken, raw chocolate (hello ladies!), soy-products.

What do I get out of detoxing?

First and foremost: You’ll clean your body from all the toxins. This will give you a better skin, clearer eyes, more energy, functioning guts/improved digestion, a better immune system. Nicer hair, stronger nails, increased concentration, minimized sugar cravings and you’ll loose weight.

There are some “bad” sides to this story: Since it’s difficult for the body to change it’s habits you may experience some days (especially the during the first days of your diet) headache and sometimes diarrhea (it also depends on if you’re using some pills during your diet or not).

But in the end I find the benefits wins. It’s for a couple of weeks (from 10 days until 1 month – you decide!) and it will really make you feel better. Of course – if you don’t feel well during this period – stop. It’s not worth it. In every thing you do: listen to your body first, it knows you better than you think!

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The 100 days challenge!

The challenge

Between february 9 until may 19 i’m part of a challenge. Not any challenge – my own challenge.

Even though I tend to eat healthy and exercise often I want to take it to the next level. During these 100 days, I will exercise every single day (minimum 1 hour). And eat healthy. And most importantly: I will reach my goal.


To my help I’m having a PT (personal trainer) with whom I will meet for the first time (only to talk) on tuesday (feb 5th). He will hopefully help me build muscles and loose weight. Cause that’s my intention. Loose weight and build muscles. Not the easiest task but the idea is to get; HBFS (Harder, better, faster, stronger) :D

During the month of march I’m also signing up for “Fitnessfighten” (the fitness fight). Read about it here. And I hope that this also will help me in reaching my goal.


During my challenge I will eat according to the weightwatcher diet. I thinks it’s healthy and it makes you loose weight and keep it there. It’s also an easy way of knowing exactly what you eat during the day with the help from their app. I have used it frequently and I really like it.

I will also detox during a couple of weeks. I bought some pills the other day that will help to drain my body of toxins. Will tell you all about it when the day comes!

My goal

And what exactly is my goal? Well, I have a goalweight and it’s 66 kg/145,5 Ibs. But I want to do this the healthy way so I’ve made a bet with my friends in Hungary and the next time I’ll visit them my weight will be 70-75 kg 154-165 Ibs. I will probably visit them during easter or in the beginning of the summer.


I enjoy challenging myself so I will also make some “mini-challenges” during this time. It will make it more fun and make me more motivated. Example: not eating chocolate for one week, run 3 km every day for one week, become vegetarian for two weeks etc. Feel free to suggest a challenge! :)

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When sick.

I had this perfect plan. I knew what to eat, I knew what to exercise. Then I got sick. I got a cold. Unexpected.

Been sick for two weeks now – without any training. Feels like an eternity. But I was necessary to rest. Better to get well quickly than to carry something during the entire spring.

Next week I will be back again. At least that’s my intention. With no shape at all, but with a massive determination. On tuesday i’m off to a meeting with my new PT (personal trainer). I hope he’s good and willing to help me in reaching my goal.

When sick. All you want to do is to exercise. But. Don’t do it. It may be more harmful than you think. Resta for a couple of days until you feel good. Rather wait one day extra than to risk becoming more sick and being sick for weeks. Get some sleep and take care of your body – fill it with energy – healthy food, water and lot’s of sleep. It’s as good for you as that workout.

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